Deco Deck

Deco Deck is a unique logic puzzle from the creator of Semantle. Deco Deck is my fourth indie game. It's available today on iOS, Android, and Steam (Linux, Windows, Mac).

If you like KenKen or Two Not Touch, you'll probably like Deco Deck.

A screenshot of the game Deco Deck, showing a single completed hand.

In Deco Deck, every card has one of five suits, and a number from 1-9. The goal is to link up the cards in connected groups of five, such that each group forms a valid "hand". The hands are: straight, flush, full house, five-of-a-kind, and rainbow. A rainbow is one card of each suit.

Each puzzle has only one solution. There are four new puzzles every day, plus monthly puzzles. On mobile, Two puzzles are free every day; you can pay for the rest either by annual subscription, or by buying a lifetime pass. On Steam, the one-time purchase is your only option.

"I have things I should be doing but I'm playing this instead." -R, a beta tester.

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